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Unblocking youtube, facebook and other websites blocked by government

Napsáno dne 7. března 2014 - Zobrazeno 8 827x

Dear Turkish friends. I’ve just read, that premier Erdogan is planning another internet restrictions. For now it’s youtube, facebook and of course toons of not mentioned websites.

Method using DNS change

Easy way how to block youtube and facebook is to block DNS. DNS translates website names to IP addresses. So to prevent that type off blocking follow these instructions:

Go tou your windows 7/windows XP/unix ubuntu/tablets/mobile network settings. Find there DNS settings. DNS is usually set automatically from DHCP server. Change primary DNS server to and secondary DNS server to These are google DNS servers, so should work at least Erdogan resigns and new government change law.

Method using PROXY

Another way is using proxy to connect into another network (not your’s country network). You can change proxy setting inside your webbrowser. There is list of free proxy servers. You can find instructions on the bottom of that page.

Method using anonymous access to the internet via TOR

TOR helps you coonect anonymously to the internet. You will be really anonymous using that network. There is no way, how deep analysis can find for what your are looking for. But there could be some problems on last layer …

You will be connected over a lot of PC’s (like in some James Bond movies). Each PC will add new layer around your packet. Last layer will access your destinations. The better explanation could be find on that page. Don’t use it for videos and high traffic, this network is just for browsing, nor downloading.

Happy browsing!


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